Old Halogens Burning Out?

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What to do when your old halogens are burning out?

1. First let’s figure out why

First we need to figure out why. Why they are burning out is most likely…

  • Lets face it they are old technology now and they have past their prime.
  • Sensitivity to voltage drops and spikes.
  • Transformers maybe be drifting.
  • In some cases its not the bulbs its the connectors. Due to the design of the standard fitting the physical conductive connectors commonly burn out over time. They tend to accumulate corrosion/rust causing increased resistance through them, resulting in heat, to the point where they burn and melt.

Whatever the problem turns out to be, a qualified experienced electrician will be able to quickly identify the cause of the problem. We need to know why because it may require a bit of extra attention to resolve. Once identified a tailored solution may be required to fix, otherwise we can proceed to step two.

full brightness halogen75% brightness halogen50% brightness halogen25% brightness halogenburnt out halogen

2. Ok now what to do about it

Time to upgrade to the latest generation LEDs ofcourse! Call us at 24 Hour Emergency Electrician today for us to arrange an upgrade for you. Upfront quoting, happy customer experience guaranteed.

So what’s in it for me?
Here are some great reasons why:

  • The beam/cone angle is much wider, resulting in far superior diffusion of light throughout a room, rather than a narrow torch style focussed beam.
  • The light is much brighter
  • The light is much whiter
  • More efficient, uses less power, saves you money, helps the environment
  • Last longer. The lifetime on these bad boys is terrific. A halogen system might last 8-10 years an LED system are conservatively rated to last 30.
  • The technology that drives the lights can be easily programmed for integration to a smart home automation system. And a range of fabulous possibilities is available.
  • Clean style self contained units, much more stylish sleak sexy.
  • No more changing burnt out bulbs, the Diodes within the units last indefinitely!

LED ceiling mountLED unit onLED on in kitchen

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